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One of the most important is our specific program for starving children and youngsters vulnerable by other means with the goal of providing them with the opportunities for sustainable self-development.

Areas that support the community regardless of age towards sustainability is agriculture and health care. Our foundation brings initiatives to cultivate on the land for feeding the community with the goal of growing their own food basket. Our organisation helps the vulnerable to access proper health care. We recognized that sports are a useful tool to improve social skills of the children, so we underline its importance in our program.



Our Programs

Discover the programs we are carrying out to help vulnerable communities in Uganda.

Child Care


We are dedicated to providing children in Uganda with love, security, shelter, medical care and education.

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Skills for Youth


This program offers skills training and mentorship sessions to young adults illiterates and from universities.

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Women Empowerment


It empowers the young mothers with entrepreneurial skills and protects them from the dangers of unemployment.

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The program aims to protect the environment and reduce the adverse effects of Climate change in Uganda.

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We help people with disabilities to improve access to basic needs, capacity building, livelihoods and employment.

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Elderly People


We assist the elderly to seek health care from health centers and through educating communities in rural and urban areas.

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Discover other programs we have to support vulnerable communities in Uganda