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Vulnerable children and the community

Are you dedicated to help vulnerable children and the community just like us? There are many ways you can support us. We have various proven ideas, from sponsoring a child, throughout volunteering and corporate partnerships, until unusual activities, such as fundraising in Smarties tube! Whatever you choose, you’ll contribute to the development of a vulnerable African community towards sustainability.

We, at VIVCOM work as a non-governmental organization towards the well-being of the most vulnerable communities in Uganda, such as orphaned children living in slums or young uneducated women. We run several programs designed for the needs of these specific groups. We can continue this work only with support of individuals and companies engaging in philanthropy.


Get Involved - Vulnerable children and the community in Uganda




Discover how you can help

Our work is made possible by individuals, companies and organizations who contribute to our projects and by volunteers who dedicate us their time and skills.



You can support Vision for Vulnerable Communities choosing one of the different methods we have to sustain our programs.

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Sponsor a child


Sponsoring a child is a great way to experience joy of helping the children in need and make a long term impact on their lives.

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Volunteering isn’t just about helping others however it can also cause a major uplifting change in your own life too! .

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Be our agent


We have an opportunity of making you our organization Ambassador in your country. Discover how to do.

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Leave a gift in your will


Leaving a gift in your will is an investment which will have a long-lasting impact, helping to build a better and brighter future for our communities.

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Shop online


You can shop the products of our local communities to support them and the projects we are carrying out.

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Safaris & Tours


We are passionate about linking tourism to rural community development so the ‘tourism dollar’ can reach the communities.

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Many consider profit and social-environmental benefit to be inextricable, and businesses are adopting corporate social responsibility.

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Other ideas

You can discover many other ideas to support our foundation and the communities we work with in Uganda.

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